Purrumbete Beef | Elwood Rd Lamb

Purrumbete Beef | Elwood Rd Lamb | Tender & Flavoursome  | Meat Packs Available through Lake Edge Cafe, Lake PurrumbeteFor generations, our famililies have been raising lambs and beef cattle here in the Camperdown district. Now, with the opening of the Koallah Farm abbatoir just down the road, we are able to offer you packs of our tasty grassfed meat.

Eliminating transport and yarding stress for the animals means improved animal welfare and better eating quality.

Elwood Road Lamb

 The Elwood Rd Lamb comes from our farm 20km North of here, where we graze our sheep on a variety of pastures managed for sustainability.

Different types of pasture flourish through the seasons, accounting for the subtle change in lamb flavour.

Purrumbete Beef: grass fed, pure south devon or south devon angus cross.

Our beef comes from our own Tesbury South Devon cattle. South Devons are a British breed renowned for their quiet temperament, growth rates and carcass traits. We aim to grow steers out to 500 kg liveweight to optimise taste, juiciness and tenderness.

Lois and Tony Dupleix;  Claire and Jeremy Walsh

From our customers:

"I think it was  .. the best steak I have ever eaten. Absolute quality!." - Fiona

"We had the scotch fillet from our meat pack last night Lois and it was SUPERB!" - Leeanne

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