History of Tesbury

Lois Dupleix Owner of Tesbury South DevonsThe Tesbury South Devon Stud was formed in 1972 when Kathleen May imported live stock and semen from New Zealand and then purchased more cattle at the first South Devon sale held in Dandenong around 1975.

Using cross breeding, artificial insemination and embro transfer the stud flourished and in 1978 started selling south Devons at the first annual sale held in Shepparton.

The stud continued to support stud sales right accross Australia and then in 1988 held its first on farm sale. Kathleen first saw South Devons in England when she was with the land army during the war. She was so impressed by their size, quiet temperament and rich milk, that when she decided to retire from dairy farming, she was adamant that these cattle were the way of the future and set out to start the Tesbury South Devon stud.

Kathleen May passed away at the age of 80 in 2001. I was very privileged to have been in partnership with mum for many years and am now in partnership with my son Jeremy and his wife Claire. We continue to breed South Devons and are also specializing in crossing the South Devons with Angus. You get the best of both worlds. The quiet temperament, milk and growth of the South Devon and the fattening ability, polling and block from the Angus.

Our Objective is to Produce the Highest Quality Breeding Stock

  • To breed and provide excellent bulls and dams for both commercial and stud breeders.
  • To maintain the very quiet temperament, milking ability and femininity of our females
  • To maximize genetic gain through the use of herd recording and breed-plan
  • To produce a superior cross bred female combining the Angus genetics with the South Devon.

Our South Devon Angus cross females continue to demonstrate the characteristics of mild temperament, breeding capability, easy finishing, etc.  This is becoming one of the most productive and easy to manage breeds available.